Subject Details - Stage 1 Chinese 1

SACE StageSACE Stage 1
SACE Credits20 credits
Subject Length1 semester
Subject OutcomesStudents will be able to produce a range of responses to written and visual texts. They will be able to write a range of texts, creative, descriptive, narrative and informational, and can identify and discuss the features of a range of written and visual texts. Stage 1 students will be able to understand and respond to the cultures of the written and visual texts of the language being studied. They will be able to recognize the range of values and attitudes in communities speaking Languages other than English.
Advice To Students Students at Stage 1 are able to use the language being studied effectively in most formal and informal situations, adapt their language to suit the audience and purpose, and to adequately express their ideas, attitudes and opinions.
Assumed KnowledgeA good pass in Year 10 Chinese, including the exam would be beneficial.
AssessmentAssessment in each semester will comprise of:
     Interaction in Chinese
     Text production in Chinese
     Text analysis (text in Chinese, questions in English, answers in English & Chinese
     Response in Chinese and one reflective response in English for the investigation
Additional InformationStudents who successfully complete SACE Stage 2 Languages will receive two extra points for entry into some universities.