Subject Details - Stage 1 English - Essential (line 7)

SACE StageSACE Stage 1
SACE Credits20 credits
Subject Length2 semesters
DescriptionStage 1 Essential English is a 10-credit or a 20-credit subject.
The content includes:
• responding to texts
• creating texts.
Decisions about the content of the teaching and learning program should centre on ways in which students use language to establish and maintain connections with people in different contexts. The program may focus on a single context or a range of contexts for different parts of the program.
The specific contexts chosen for study may be social, cultural, community, workplace, and/or imagined. In planning a teaching and learning program, teachers work with students to support the achievement of their goals.
Subject OutcomesStudents will:
- Read and respond to visual and written texts using a variety of methods.
- Be able to target specific audiences using multiple language techniques.
- Improved use of vocabulary, punctuation and grammatical control.
- Draw links between multiple texts and come to logical conclusions.

Advice To Students

Assumed KnowledgeYear 10 English C grade or better