Subject Details - Stage 1 Digital Technology A

SACE StageSACE Stage 1
SACE Credits10 credits
Subject Length1 semester
Description1. Computer Programming
2. Data Analytics
3. Creating a Digital Solution
Subject OutcomesStudents use computational thinking skills and strategies to identify, deconstruct, and
solve problems that are of interest to them. They analyse and evaluate data, test
hypotheses, make decisions based on evidence, and create solutions. Through the study
of Digital Technologies, students are encouraged to take ownership of problems and
design, code, validate, and evaluate their solutions. In doing so, they develop and extend
their understanding of designing and programming, including the basic constructs
involved in coding, array processing, and modularisation.
Advice To StudentsStudents with an interest in computer programming/robotics and/or data analytics.
Assumed KnowledgeDesirable that students have studied either year 9 and/or year 10 Digital technologies.