Subject Details - Stage 1 Workplace Practices B

SACE StageSACE Stage 2
TAS SubjectTertiary Admission Subject
SACE Credits20 credits
FacultyBusiness & Enterprise
Subject Length1 semester
DescriptionThere are three inter-related parts:
     An experiential core
     Theoretical studies
     Personal development activities
In the theoretical studies section, students will look at What is Work, Finding Employment, Industrial Relations, Career Pathways, Training and Induction and the Place of Work in Australian Society.
Subject OutcomesAn understanding of the broad concept of work
     Knowledge of a range of work-related issues
     Understanding of the roles of individuals, governments, unions and employer groups
     Awareness of the challenges and constraints facing job seekers
     Understanding of a range of appropriate career pathways.
     Ability to relate the theory or work-related issues to practice in the workplace.
     Demonstrate work-related skills and competencies
Advice To StudentsThis subject aims to help young people to develop an understanding of the realities of the workplace, including entry-level training. It aims to develop an understanding of possible future patterns of work and to develop interpersonal skills, confidence and initiative and increase awareness of vocational opportunities.