Subject Details - Stage 1 Visual Art and Design B (line 5)

SACE StageSACE Stage 1
SACE Credits10 credits
FacultyVisual and Performing Arts
Subject Length1 semester
DescriptionThis course will involve the study and practical application of a variety to art movements and styles to prepare, empower and ready students for Stage 2 Visual Art or Design. Stage 1 Visual Art/ Design students to explore a range of practical techniques including; drawing, painting and/or sculpture. For this, students are required to research inspirational sources, create ideation sketches, develop concepts for art works, demonstrate problem solving skills, evaluate and analyse artworks and practice media trials towards the creation of artworks. Students’ practical works will be exhibited at the Semester’s Arts night.

Subject OutcomesStudents have the opportunity to engage in the following:
     Expression of ideas through practical work using drawings, sketches, photographs and/or audio visual techniques leading to resolved pieces.
     Researching, understanding and reflecting upon visual art works in their cultural and historical contexts.
     Development of ideas, research, analysis and experimentation with media and techniques, resolution and production
Advice To Students • Students will be expected to create practicals works which means at times their hands/clothes may get dirty. Students are responsible for clean-up of practical materials at the conclusion of each lesson
• The course requires you to research artworks from credible sources and respond to them in writing or in oral format
• Students will be expected to buy an A3 art display folder to keep their work organised and presented neatly
Additional InformationThis subject will lead into Visual Arts and Design in Stage 2. Students will need an A3 Folio for the presentation of their folio and visual study or can make a Digital Folio.