Subject Details - Stage 1 Forensic Science B

SACE StageSACE Stage 1
SACE Credits10 credits
Subject Length1 semester
DescriptionForensics is a field of science dedicated to the methodical gathering and analysing of evidence to establish facts that can be presented in legal proceedings. Though crime scenes and laboratories are perhaps, most often associated with forensics, there is also computer or network forensics, forensic accounting, forensic engineering and forensic psychiatry, among other specialized fields that are today an integral part of forensics.
Subject OutcomesTopics covered could include:
Crime scene investigation and evidence collection
Eyewitness accounts
The power of evidence
Fingerprints and DNA
Impression evidence (tyre treads, tools, bites)
Hairs and fibres
Blood basics and Blood splatter
Entomology (the study of bugs), pollen and spore examination
Fire science
Crash Scene Investigation
Assessment will include practicals, assignments, investigations and tests.
Advice To StudentsThe study of forensic science involves a multi-disciplinary approach that will include aspects of Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Your experience in forensic science will be one to remember — the cases are fascinating, the labs engaging, and the content a satisfying application of all sciences studied up to this point. Forensic science is semester subject, successful completion of year 10 science (C or better) is highly recommended. Students undertaking this course can choose stage 2 Biology, however, this subject does not lead to stage 2 chemistry or physics.

Possible careers included in the field of forensic science includes: Crime scene investigation; Criminal Laboratory Analysis; Document examination; DNA analysis; Electronic/digital media; Fingerprinting; Autopsy techniques; Forensic engineering; Linguistics; Forensic anthropology; Pathology; Economics; Accounting; Biology; Entomology; Toxicology and many more.