Subject Details - Stage 1 Legal Studies B - Unsocial Media

SACE StageSACE Stage 1
SACE Credits10 credits
Subject Length1 semester
Description• Why can you be sued for posts you make on social media?
• Can online posts ever be illegal?
• Should the government be allowed to make laws about what we can and can’t say on social media?
• Should the government be allowed to make laws stopping certain people from using social media?

You probably use social media all the time, but did know you could be sued for statements you make on social media?

Some of the things you post could even land you in a criminal court, even if you didn’t realise what you were talking about was a crime!

In this unit you will explore the legal issues around using social media. You will look at real world cases where people have been sued for defamation, cyberbullying and negligence. You will also investigate cases where comments made on social media have resulted in a criminal conviction. As part of this unit you will evaluate whether the government should be able to make law that restrict our freedoms. For example, should the government make laws that set an age limit for using social media, that stop you posting certain things on social media, or that make social media platforms (like Twitter and Instagram) more responsible? You will also have the opportunity to visit the Adelaide Magistrates Court and Parliament of South Australia.
Subject OutcomesThrough this unit students will:
• understand how the civil justice system works in South Australia
• develop an understanding of the strengths and weakness of the civil justice system
• understand why and how the government represents us
• analyse the role of the government in Australia
• explore an area of interest of their choice, allowing students to develop and practice inquiry skills through accessing and using information
• use legal terminology to analyse and evaluate real-world case studies
• analyse data such as statistics, to identify trends and patterns in relation to law in South Australia
• express their own ideas and opinions in a variety of ways
Advice To StudentsThis subject forms a useful background for the study of Legal Studies at Stage 2.