Subject Details - Stage 1 Chemistry 2

SACE StageSACE Stage 1
SACE Credits10 credits
Subject Length1 semester
DescriptionChemistry helps people to develop an understanding of the processes that determine the behaviour of matter from the small (atoms, molecules, and ions) to larger quantities. Chemistry is a subject for students who are interested in natural and processed materials, and the ways in which people obtain, manufacture, and use materials in their everyday lives.
Subject OutcomesChemistry 2 continues to develop skills and understanding of chemical principles through the study of units such as; mixtures and solutions, acids and bases and redox reactions
Assumed KnowledgeIt is essential that students have successfully completed Stage 1 Chemistry 1. This ensures that the students have the necessary background to be successful at this subject.
AssessmentAssessment consists of the following components:
•Component 1: Investigations Folio (70%)
•Component 2: Skills and Applications Tasks (30%)
Should be 4 assessment tasks each with a weighting of at least 20%:
• At least one practical investigation
• At least one human endeavour investigation
• At least one skills and applications task
Assessment may involve Tests, Practical Reports, Practical Investigations and Issue Investigations.
Additional InformationStudents must successfully completed Chemistry 1 to continue with Chemistry 2.