Subject Details - Stage 1 Psychology A (line 4)

SACE StageSACE Stage 1
SACE Credits10 credits
Subject Length1 semester
DescriptionPsychology aims to describe and explain both the universal nature of human experience, as well as individual and cultural diversity. It does this through the systematic study of behaviour, the processes that underlie behaviour, and the factors that infulence behaviour. Through such study, students come to better understand themselves and their social worlds.
Subject OutcomesAt the end of the subject students will be able to: describe the factors that cause psychological differences and similarities between people; research, evaluate and organize psychological information; make informed decisions about issues, events, and situations in society by applying relevant psychological principles and ethics; analyze the behaviours of self, other individuals, and groups of people in different contexts; demonstrate critical reflection, analysis, and organization in the application of psychological principles; undertake guided investigations and make appropriate interpretations of the resulting data.
Advice To StudentsAfter the Topic Introduction to Psychology, two additional topics chosen from the following will be undertaken:
•Social influence & social interaction
•Brain and Behaviour
•Human development
AssessmentAssessment consists of the following components:
•Component 1: Investigations Folio (60%)
•Component 2: Skills and Applications Tasks (40%)
•Assessment may involve Tests, Practical Reports, Practical Investigations and Issue Investigations.
Additional InformationAlthough it is not compulsory, completion of one or both of these units will provide students with knowledge and skills useful for completing Year 12 Psychology.