Subject Details - Stage 1 Wood Technology A

SACE StageSACE Stage 1
SACE Credits10 credits
Subject Length1 semester
DescriptionStudents will learn about working and machining Wood Materials to build their own practical projects during their semester.
Subject OutcomesAt the end of the semester students will have:
• Students will have the opportunity to design and construct their own projects.
• Will learn basic timber Cabinet Construction including Joint construction.
• Students will design their personal project, such as a timber Cabinet or Table.
• Will have learned the safe and correct use of a range of fixed and portable wood-working machines.
• Will have engaged in design and problem solving exercises.
• Will complete some Theory Tasks built around Safety and Cabinet construction.
• Building confidence and skills are important parts of our course.
Advice To StudentsIt is preferred that students have year 10 experience in Wood Technology.
It is anticipated that students will complete both the Framing and Cabinet Construction modules. An exit point after one module is available and new students can enter the course in Semester Two.
This Stage One Wood Technology course, is an essential background for the continuing Stage 2 studies.
High levels of Personal and Workshop Safety are required by students working in workshops.
There are no Pre-requisites for this course.
Students will be expected to work safely, independently and responsibly in a Workshop environment.

Assumed KnowledgeYear 10 Wood Technology will assist