Subject Details - Stage 1 Metal Technology A - let's design and make metal projects

SACE StageSACE Stage 1
SACE Credits10 credits
Subject Length1 semester
DescriptionStudents develop skills in metal fabrication and welding through the development of a project which also requires designing and problem solving.
Subject OutcomesAt the end of the semester:
• Students will have the opportunity to use Gas (Braze and Fusion) welding techniques, and MIG and TIG electric welding techniques to build their projects.
• Students will use a Plasma Cutter to cut and shape their steel projects.
• Students will learn the safe use of the metal lathe using the Hercus Metal Lathe.
• Engage in design and problem solving exercises associated with metal fabrication
• Complete required summative tasks such as Safety and Machine operations.
• Students will design their own personal projects, such as a metal Toolbox, or a machine vice, or other as negotiated.
• Students will engage in some research and written tasks around safety and machinery, and welding use.
• Building confidence and skills are important parts of our course.
Advice To StudentsIt is preferred that students have year 10 experience in Metal Technology. An exit point after one semester is available and new students can enter the course in Semester Two. This stage one Metal Technology course is valuable background for the continuing into Stage 2 Technology studies.
High levels of Personal and Workshop Safety are required by students working in workshops.
Students who wish to do extensions to the core projects may need to cover the cost of additional materials.
There are no Pre-requisites for this course