This handbook contains important information about the breadth and quality of our senior secondary education pathways through the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). The SACE provides a framework within which individuals can choose subjects to maximise their chances for access to university, TAFE, traineeships or the workforce. By utilising the information provided, you will gain knowledge to assist you in the development of your study pathways, leading to lifelong learning and an understanding of the world at work.

There is no intention for this handbook to 'stand alone' as the only information available. You are advised to gather information from the wide range of sources at your disposal, such as your teachers, apprenticeship brokers, tertiary institutions, TAFE Institutes, Career Reference Centres, the Job Guide and other providers of post-school training programs.

In charting a pathway through the SACE you should have at least some idea of the career areas you might like to consider. From this, a knowledge of subjects required can act as a guide to subject selection. You need to carefully work through what you are good at as well as where you wish to go and then determine how you plan to get there.

At this point there is a need for some caution. You are encouraged to aim high and achieve your best potential, while also being realistic with subject and career selection. It is school policy to provide measured advice to students. In the senior school there is no natural progression to the next stage of study unless there is clear proof of success in a subject.

When choosing your subjects it is essential that you check there is a 'balance' in grouping of subjects chosen. The SACE curriculum pattern requirement will assist decisions in this area. Keep this in mind as you work through your selection.

Best wishes in this process!