Year 12 Courses

Year 12 Courses

This page provides access to information about the courses offered at Salisbury East High School. These courses show the pattern of subjects that you must choose at each year level.

GeneralThis course is suitable for all students at year 12.


  • Every student must enrol in 8 semesters of study which equates to 4 stage 2 subjects. Students enrolled in VET subjects can negotiate their timetable with the Senior School team next year.
  • Ensure you choose the subjects below that are highlighted on your Stage 2 Subject Selection sheet. If you have chosen a subject that is repeated on another line you will need to select the subject with the correct line.

    For example, if you chose English on line 1 on your Stage 2 Subject Selection Sheet, you must choose English (line 1) form the subject list below.
  • If there is a subject that clashes with another on your sheet, then choose the subject you prefer and choose the other in the 'clash' section.

General Course

This course is suitable for all students at year 12.

   Group   Select   Subject   Length
Year 12Select 8 semesters fromStage 2 Ancient History2 semesters
  Stage 2 Biology2 semesters
  Stage 2 Business and Innovation2 semesters
  Stage 2 Chemistry2 semesters
  Stage 2 Child Studies2 semesters
  Stage 2 Dance (Cert III)2 semesters
  Stage 2 Digital Photography2 semesters
  Stage 2 English 2 semesters
  Stage 2 Essential English2 semesters
  Stage 2 Food and Hospitality2 semesters
  Stage 2 Health (Line 1)2 semesters
  Stage 2 Health (line 5)2 semesters
  Stage 2 Japanese2 semesters
  Stage 2 Legal Studies2 semesters
  Stage 2 Mathematical Methods2 semesters
  Stage 2 Mathematics Essentials2 semesters
  Stage 2 Metal Technology2 semesters
  Stage 2 Music2 semesters
  Stage 2 Nepalese2 semesters
  Stage 2 Physics2 semesters
  Stage 2 Psychology2 semesters
  Stage 2 Scientific Studies2 semesters
  Stage 2 Specialist Mathematics 2 semesters
  Stage 2 Specialist Soccer 2 semesters
  Stage 2 Sports Studies2 semesters
  Stage 2 Visual Art and Design2 semesters
  Stage 2 Wood Technology2 semesters
  Stage 2 Workplace Practices2 semesters

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